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Daytime Yoga Classes

Our Daytime Yoga Classes in Exeter cater for a wide variety of ages and abilities. We have older and younger people, complete beginners as well as people who have been practicing Yoga for years.

For many people daytime yoga classes are the only time they can get to a yoga class, so we offer a wide variety of yoga styles for all abilities.

It is in the nature of daytime yoga classes to be friendly and supportive. So, if you are thinking of coming along for the first time we will do everything we can to make you feel welcome and safe.

All daytime yoga classes involve some posture work, breathing practices, deep relaxation and sometimes meditation and mantra.

All daytime yoga classes welcome beginners.

Daytime Yoga Classes

MONDAY 10:00-11:30
Hatha Yoga, with Yulia

THURSDAY 10:00-11:15
Beginners Ashtanga Yoga, with Chris

FRIDAY 10:00-11:15
Kundalini Yoga, with Cass