Yoga Courses

Yoga Courses are the perfect way to either start your yoga journey, or immerse yourself in a fresh approach or a different yoga tradition.

Advanced Booking Required

Intro to Yoga:
Beginners Course (8wks)

WEDNESDAY 19:45-21:00
with Keef

This Introductory 8-week Hatha Yoga course is ideal for complete beginners, yoga students with less than a year's yoga practice and for those more practiced yogis who wish to deepen and further their knowledge and understanding of yoga.

Booking Necessary

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Moving into Mysore:
Intro to Ashtanga Yoga (6wks)

MONDAY 17:30-18:30
with Chris

WEDNESDAY 17:30-18:30
with Chris

'Moving into Mysore' is a 6-week beginners course ideal for complete beginners, rusty practitioners or anyone interested in experiencing the Mysore-style Ashtanga Yoga environment.This short course is run regularly throughout the year, but limited to 6 people per course.

Booking Necessary

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Yin & Restorative Yoga (6wks)

TUESDAY 19:30-21:00
with Yulia

A comprehensive 6-week immersion into the therapeutics of Yin & Restorative Yoga. During the immersion we will look at ways to bring balance to the physical body using simple supported and held postures in order to bring the nervous system into the parasympathetic mode (ie relieve stress).

Each class will provide simple and effective techniques such as pranayama (breathing exercises), interoceptive exercises, yoga nidra (deep relaxation) and simple meditation that can be easily applied in daily life.

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