280hr Yoga Teacher Training
YOGABEYOND® 280hr Yoga Teacher Training Course 2020-21

Thinking of Becoming a Yoga Teacher?

Whether you are just starting out on your journey to become a yoga teacher, seeking to deepen your teaching skills or simply wish to develop your personal practice, our 280-hr Yoga Teacher Training Programme will awaken you to genuine personal transformation, both on and off the mat!

YOGABEYOND® training courses offer a fully integrated approach to practice, which synthesise the ‘traditional’ with the ‘modern’ to establish a practical and relevant living practice that evolves with you.

By extracting meaning and context from ‘traditional’ yoga practice (and philosophy), and combining them with contemporary insights drawn from pioneering research fields (inc. functional anatomy, neuroscience, energy medicine, psychology and more), we truly bring yoga ‘to life’. The result is a new wave of yoga practitioners and teachers who are empowered with the mastery of their own mental, physical and emotional well being.

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Why Invest in the Course?

The YOGABEYOND® 280hr Yoga Teacher Training Programme delivers a unique blend of 'traditional' yoga practice and cutting-edge 'modern' breakthroughs. Our training curriculum has been carefully crafted through 30,000+ hours of combined practice and teaching experience to yield a new wave of free-thinking, open-hearted and dogma free yoga teachers and practitioners.

Our aim is to see your strengths, meet you where you are, and support each student’s unique direction and growth. We want to challenge and educate you to better know yourself as a person and as a teacher, to support your growth and your ability to make sound decisions when teaching yoga to groups or individual students. This unique training will encourage you to investigate the “why” of how you teach, and continually reframe your perception of yoga and practice. By completion of the training programme you will feel confident to deliver your own yoga classes, demonstrate intelligent application of your skills and plan your own teaching with clarity and confidence.

280hr YTTC Core Topics:

  • Yoga Practice - Asana (postures), Vinyasa (intelligent steps), Pranayama (breathwork), Kriya (cleansing), Meditation, Mindfulness
  • The Subtle Energetic Body - Chakras, Nadis, Prana Vayus, Kosas, Bandha, Drishti
  • Perspectives on Yoga - Modern, Scientific, Personal, Philosophical
  • Yoga Theraputics & Adjustments - when, how and why
  • Inteligent use of props and how and when to modify
  • Yoga Philosophy - Patanjali's 8 Limbs, Hathayogapadipika, The Bhagavad Gita, Upanishads, Samkhya
  • Paths & Approaches to Yoga - Hatha, Raja, Bhakti, Karma and Jnana
  • Teaching Methodology, Techniques & Practice


Going Deeper

YOGABEYOND® 280hr Yoga Teacher Training participants can expect to dramatically expand their existing skills and dive deeply into exciting, relevant and uncharted territory. Three unique modules will slowly build an integrative model of a Human Being as the overall context for the practice of Hatha Yoga, leading to genuine personal confidence, clarity, and focus as a Yoga Teacher.

Be prepared to:

  • build an sustainable vinyasa yoga asana practice based on applied anatomy for functional movement and dynamic internal postural alignment.
  • deeply explore Fascia - the scaffolding of the body - and its influence on functional movement.
  • practically navigate Patanjali’s 8 Limbs as well as other major instructional and philosophical yoga texts.
  • establish a consistent daily practice of asana (posture), mediation (sitting) and pranayama (breathwork).
  • learn the art of Vinyasa Krama and plan effective, dexterous and engaging yoga sequences.
  • master the fundamental skills of teaching and effective, confident communication.
  • explore the formation and origins of the self through The Psychology of Yoga and by studying The Enneagram (The 9 Ways of Being).
  • study traditional yoga philosophy and integrate it into day-to-day modern life.
  • explore the roots of both modern and ancient yoga paths and reflect on their relevance to a contemporary practitioner.
  • learn intelligent hand-on techniques to assist your students through dedicated study of dynamic alignment and the ethics of touch.
  • refine your ‘edge’, enabling your yoga practice to facilitate genuine transformation and personal growth.
  • launch your yoga teaching career with confidence through expert training in branding, social media, website construction and marketing.


YOGABEYOND® Trainings Are Unique

We promise you, the YOGABEYOND® 280hr Yoga Teacher Training Programme is not your average foundation level teacher training!

Firstly we approach the 'traditional' topics of yoga practice and philosophy through a contemporary lens, making each subject seem fresh and relevant to our modern lives. We cover the ground you would expect from a 200hr foundation course, but then we go the extra mile! Using our 35+ years of combined yoga practice and 30,000 hours of teaching experience, we weave our unique areas of expertise (Traditional Chinese Medicine, MFR, Structural Bodywork, Psychology, The Enneagram, Trauma Sensitivity & Emotional Physiology) into this course.

280hr YTTC Unique Study Modules:

  • Applied Fascial Anatomy for Functional Movement
  • Yoga Theraputics & Adjustments - when, how and why
  • Vinyasa Krama - The 'Art' of Yoga Sequencing
  • Dynamic Alignment & Intelligent Assists - inc. Ethics & Interpersonal Conduct
  • The Psychology of Yoga - The origins of the Self
  • The Yoga of Relationships - The Enneagram of Personality
  • The Business of Yoga - Launching your yoga teaching career


Full course Syllabus


An Investment in Your Education

YAP TrainerThe YOGABEYOND® 280hr Yoga Teacher Training Programme is a serious investment in the quality of your education. Chris & Yulia are Senior Yoga Teachers with over 35 years of combined yoga practice and 30,000 hours of teaching experience.

As a Yoga Alliance Professionals registered and accredited trainer, YOGABEYOND® holds itself to the highest standards among yoga educators. 75% of the total hours of the course are delivered as contact hours, offering the most thorough and up-to-date content available. From day one of the course you will be able to join YAP as a Trainee Teacher, becoming part of an extensive community of likeminded people.

On completion of the course you will receive a 280hrs Yoga Alliance Professionals Accredited Diploma and the option to join YAP as a 'Teacher Member' with the benefits of the most comprehensive professional insurance available. This will enable you to teach yoga at studios and retreat centres anywhere around the world! And, whilst we can’t guarantee teaching positions at The Exeter Yoga Workshop, outstanding graduates are likely to be offered classes as part of the EYW team.


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Course Dates 2020-21

Foundation I: Outer Forms
Mar 7-8, 2020 | Mar 28-29 | Apr 18-19 | May 16-17 | Jun 13-14 | Jul 11-12

Foundation II: Inner Forms
Sep 5-6 | Sep 26-27 | Oct 16-18* | Nov 14-15 | Dec 12-13

Teaching Practicums
Jan 30-31, 2021 | Feb 26-28* | Mar 27-28 | Apr 24-25 | May 15-16

*3-day weekends

Times & Locations

Friday 10.00am – 5.00pm (on 3-day weekends)
Saturday 11.00am - 6.00pm
Sunday 10.00am – 5.00pm

All teaching weekends are held at The Exeter Yoga Workshop, our purpose-built yoga studio in the heart of Exeter, Devon, UK.



Eligibility & Requirements

The YOGABEYOND® 280hr Yoga Teacher Training Programme is designed to provide students with the knowledge and practical skills required to teach yoga and encourage their own personal development. Before considering applying for the teacher training course, prospective students should be aware of the commitment, time and energy required to successfully complete the course.

All Participants:

  • require a minimum of 2 years’ yoga practice*. This will include a minimum of weekly class attendance and an established home practice (2-3 times a week).
  • must demonstrate a genuine passion for yoga. To be open to developing self-discipline, self-inquiry, self-development and self-care.
  • must show willingness to participate in a group process and possess dedication, motivation and self-directed studentship.
  • will be prepared to skilfully give and receive constructive feedback.


  • Stiffness and injuries are OK!
  • A sense of humour will be essential

*If you are really keen and have a regular practice but not 2 years we will assess on an individual basis.

How to Apply

Places are limited to between 14-18 students ensure the best standard of training, and providing a personal and supportive learning experience. We usually receive more applications than we have places, and these are considered on a first-come-first-served basis.  All applications and investments are subject to acceptance on to the training course(s).


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