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YOGABEYOND® 280hr Yoga Teacher Training Course 2020-21

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The YOGABEYOND® Yoga Teacher Training Programme is designed to both deepen your understanding and practice of ‘traditional’ yoga, and provide the necessary resources, confidence and support to become a yoga teacher. The course consists of 3 modules, taught over 16 months, which blend the ancient teachings and philosophies of yoga, with modern scientific breakthroughs in anatomy, psychology and functional medicine. The backbone of the course comprises of an integrative model of a Human Being and applied yoga philosophy, which will provide context for your yoga practice and act as a practical methodology for your yoga teaching.


  • 3 Intense training modules (full details below)
  • 16 monthly weekends (34-Days)
  • 210+ hours of yoga tuition.
  • 80+ hours of personal practice (Inc. a weekly class).

Foundation I: Outer Forms

Module I
Duration = 12 Days

The first module of the YOGABEYOND® Yoga Teacher Training is an invitation to awaken into your life; explore why you practice; what you practice; and how you practice.

Throughout this training our primary aim will be to provide meaningful context to your practice. We will do this by demonstrating the intimate relationship between your’ daily Yoga practice and ‘traditional’ Yoga practice and philosophy. Contemporary scientific understandings of the mind-body connection will then be interwoven, to ensure your practice and teaching remains both authentic to the yoga tradition and relevant to our modern world.

Through intensive (vinyasa-based) asana, pranayama and meditation practice you will receive a deep practical experience of the physical aspects of yoga as well as a grounding in applied yoga philosophy. You will examine, explore and experience the physical body through a new lens, with particular focus in combining applied fascial anatomy with functional movement principles. This will establish a genuinely integrative approach to personal practice and bring renewed clarity about what you practice and why.

YOGABEYOND® YTTC module 1 syllabus:

  • Asana & Pranayama - Practice, theory & technique
  • Applied Fascial Anatomy for Functional Movement - Intro to fascial anatomy in movement and myofascial slings | feet & legs | pelvis & hips, abdomen | breath & chest | wings: shoulders & arms | the spine
  • Breathing Mechanics
  • Intro to Yoga Philosophy - Overview of the Hatha Yoga | Hathayogapradipika Practices & Purpuse
  • The Roots of Yoga - History of modern yoga | Upanishads | Vedas | Patanjali | Hathayogapradipika | Hinduism & Buddhism | Krishnamacharya & his students
  • Yoga Paths - Styles, approaches & traditions | Hatha | Raja | Bhakti | Karma | Jnana


Course Dates


Foundation II: Inner Forms

Module II
Duration = 11 Days

The second module of the YOGABEYOND® Yoga Teacher Training drives your practice deeper that it will ever have been.

Once again we blend ‘traditional’ Yoga models of the human condition, with modern psychology and physiology, to build a more complete framework of human consciousness, and its relationship with Yoga and your practice.

The emphasis throughout this module will be on self-study and self-enquiry; accessing the unconscious conditioning that hides beneath our physicality. Unravelling physical, mental and emotional patterns that show up both on and off the mat, we will answer questions such as: Where do they originate from? How do they affect us? How can we adapt our practice to work through them?

By studying various models of the inner workings of the human mind and the subtle body - those of ‘traditional’ Yoga and beyond - we will gain deep insight into our habits and discover profound connections that relate directly to our movement and sitting practices.

Asana practice will be built around applied functional movement principles (module 1), with particular emphasis on how internal alignment governs external alignment. We will also explore the subtle relationship between Prana (breath) and Chitta (mind) through more extensive Pranayama, Meditation and Mindfulness practices and delve deeper into applied Yoga Philosophy.

YOGABEYOND® YTTC module 2 syllabus:

  • Asana, Pranayama & Kriya - Practice, theory & technique
  • Internal Forms & Patterns - Mudra | Bandha | Prana | Apana | Drishti
  • Subtle Energy Body - Chakra's | Kundalini | Nadis
  • Meditation, Concentration & Mindfulness - Practice, theory & technique
  • The Psychology of Yoga - Origins & formation of the Self | Structure & nature of the Mind
  • Yoga of Relationship - The Enneagram of Personality | The 9 ways of Being | Unravelling physical, mental and emotional patterns | Where they come from | How they drive us | How to work through them in practice
  • The Philosophy of Yoga - Yoga Sutras of Patanjali | Hathayogapradipika | Bhagavad Gita | Upanishads | Sankaya.


Course Dates


Teaching Practicums

Module III
Duration = 11 Days

Being a confident and successful yoga teacher requires more than a piece of paper and insurance. Teaching yoga comes from a maturity of your own personal practice combined with the experiential understanding of Yoga principles and the confidence in a clear practice methodology.

In our experience the biggest problem new yoga teachers face is methodology - knowing exactly what you should teach and why. The third and final module of the YOGABEYOND® Yoga Teacher Training gives you all the tools needed to transform your experience and understanding into a practical model you can feel confident teaching to others. We will introduce Vinyasa Krama as an intelligent framework and methodology for practice and by the end of the course you will feel confident using this as the basis for sequencing and teaching public classes. Additional practical sessions will teach yoga therapy, interpersonal skills, touch ethics and physical assists to all the most common yoga poses using dynamic alignment principles.

Trust us, being a Yoga Teacher is really worthwhile, but it isn’t easy, passion simply isn’t enough to make you a success, you need professional skills. In this module a large proportion contact hours are dedicated to teaching practicums - giving students as much hand-on teaching experience as possible in a studio environment. In addition to teaching their fellow course members, students will be encouraged to set up their own classes for family or friends to build their confidence and experience. 

A yoga teacher can’t teach without students, and we know from experience what it takes to set yourself up and fill your classes. We want you to have the tools we never received on our teacher training! So, you will also be taught the essentials of how to build a website, use social media and market and advertise your classes. We will also teach you about being self-employment and offer accountancy and tax advice.

YOGABEYOND® YTTC module 3 syllabus:

  • Asana, Pranayama, Meditation & Kriya - Practice, theory & technique
  • Vinyasa Krama & Yoga Sequencing - Planning your perfect yoga class
  • Dynamic Alignment & Intelligent Assists - The ethics of touch | foundation poses | forward bends | hip openers | backbends | twists | inversions | arm balances | active vs passive | spiral dynamics
  • The Business of Yoga - How to start | branding | website setup | social media, marketing | accounting
  • Teaching methodology - Practice, theory & technique
  • Interpersonal Ethics & Conduct
  • Introduction to Yoga Therapeutics


Course Dates


Course Objectives

Our approach throughout the YOGABEYOND® Yoga Teacher Training Course will be to synthesise the ‘traditional’ with the ‘modern’ to establish an engaged, embodied and empowered approach to Hatha Yoga practice, which has practical relevance to every aspect of daily life.

YOGABEYOND® YTTC core aims & objectives:

  • To nurture a new wave of free-thinking, open-hearted and dogma free yoga teachers and practitioners.
  • To provide deep practical experience in all facets of ‘traditional’ yoga practice and philosophy, synthesized with relevant contemporary models of the human body and mind.
  • To inspire the intelligence, spark the imagination and awaken the senses to a direct experience of life and all its interrelationships.
  • To establish a firm understanding of ‘what’, ‘why’ and ‘how’ to teach yoga, and fully equip new teachers with business and marketing skills to set up, promote and grow their classes.


This course is designed to provide students with the knowledge and practical skills required to teach yoga and encourage their own personal development. Before considering applying for the teacher training course, prospective students should be aware of the commitment, time and energy required to successfully complete the course.

  • Participants require a minimum of 2 years’ yoga practice. This will include a minimum of weekly class attendance and ideally established home practice.
  • Participants must demonstrate a genuine passion for yoga. To be open to developing self-discipline, self-inquiry, self-development and self-care. A sense of humour will also be essential!

If you are really keen and have a regular practice but not 2 years we will assess on an individual basis.

How to Apply

Places are limited to between 14-18 students ensure the best standard of training, and providing a personal and supportive learning experience. We usually receive more applications than we have places, and these are considered on a first-come-first-served basis.  All applications and investments are subject to acceptance on to the training course(s).


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