Ashtanga Yoga:
2-Day Beginners Intensive
A Introduction to Ashtanga Yoga Primary Series, with Chris Croft (SYT)


November 28 - 29, 2020

A 2-day Introduction to the Primary Series of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga

In truth we are all beginners in Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga. Regardless of how long we have practiced, what series we have completed or what level of flexibility we attain, we still have much to learn.

The Beginners Intensive is a special 2-day yoga workshop specifically designed for those who are completely new to Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga and current practitioners seeking a fresh perspective.

Weaving together yoga postures, chanting, philosophy, meditation and pranayama (breath work) this fun 2-day workshop provides a meaningful introduction to The Primary Series of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga.

Focusing upon the 3 key elements of practice - breath, bandhas & drishti - we will gradually build the foundations of a simple home practice and explore how yoga is relevant and useful in our daily modern lives.

The Beginners Intensive is also a perfect place to build confidence for students wanting to attend a guided or Mysore Style Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga class

This popular introductory course fills very quickly.

Fully detailed 50 page course manual provided

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November 28-29, 2020


The Exeter Yoga Workshop
King St Business Centre, 7-9 King St, Exeter, EX1 1BQ

Daily Schedule

[11:00 - 11:30] - The Foundations of Practice
[11:30 - 14:00] - Pranayama (breathing) & Sun Salutations
[14:00 - 15:00] - Lunch Break
[15:00 - 16:00] - An Exploration of Yoga Theory
[16:00 - 18:00] - The Standing Postures of Primary Series

[10:00 - 11:00] - Tristana
[11:00 - 13:00] - Foundation Poses
[13:00 - 14:00] - Lunch Break
[14:00 - 15:00] - Developing your Yoga Practice
[16:00 - 17:00] - Finishing Poses

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10 Places Left


"I just wanted to say thank you for a challenging and wonderful 2 days . I can’t tell you how high my energy has been today and I haven’t had 10 hours sleep in years!"

"Thank you for offering such a thoughtful, detailed, enthusiastic and committed approach to teaching an introduction ashtanga yoga"

"It was a real pleasure to learn Yoga from the very beginning. Chris was able to articulate the concepts clearly and with humour and the whole weekend was inspiring. I can't recommend this studio enough. It has changed my mindset. Thank you."

"Having never done a yoga class before I really didn't know what to expect, and as a man I was quite worried about standing out in a class of women. Within the first few moments of meeting Chris I felt much more at ease, he is very approachable. The intensive weekend was well structured for complete novices like myself. This was a fantastic introduction to yoga"

"I have never been so inspired by such a enthusiastic, thoughtful, sincere person exploding with knowledge. I don’t think you could of done anything to improve this workshop. I have already practiced twice and feel this is my beginning of my future me. Thank you so much and see you soon"

"The workshop was transformative. I came along expecting a physical challenge, which it certainly was but I wasn't prepared for the mental and emotional engagement I experienced. Physically I feel great after the weekend but practising Ujjayi breathing has been an absolute revelation for me and has quieted my mind immeasurably. It was a pleasure to meet you, thank you for your good humour, patience and exceptional teaching skill"

"Chris teaches in a way that can only be seen in people that are born to be teachers. I have been to a few Introduction to Ashtanga classes before, and the quality of his class is galaxies and light years ahead of the quality of the others"

"I have always felt there was something missing when I went to see the teachers I have learned from in the past, and now I know why. I was looking for a teacher like Chris! He is extremely professional, patient, and can explain things in a way that anyone can understand"

"I cannot recommend the Beginner's Intensive highly enough. Chris is a superb, knowledgeable and kind teacher. He is also a real human being with a sense of humour who understands that not everyone can tie themselves into a pretzel. The studio is a lovely space in which to learn and be inspired. If you are thinking of taking a yoga course or class, or looking for a teacher you could not do better"

"The Beginner's Intensive was a perfect introduction to the fundamental elements of yoga and the Ashtanga style.  Chris provided a warm welcome and managed the group of diverse people with exceptional skill.  Some folk had never "done" any yoga before; some had attended classes sporadically; others had previously had a practice or attended classes regularly and had since lapsed; yet others were either yoga teachers, pilates, body balance or other types of fitness instructor!  You would think that it would be impossible to be sensitive to and accommodate the needs of each course participant. You would be wrong.  Chris is no ordinary yoga teacher.  His deeply intelligent manner and subtle (well...not always!) humour infuse his classes and courses with an atmosphere where learning is made more accessible than might otherwise be the case.  Yes - you will learn about the asanas (postures) but you learn so much more... the importance of the breath and breathing "technique," how to locate and use the bandhas (the energy "locks" within the body), philosophy, and so much more!  You will work hard, for sure, but you will also have a lot of fun!"

"Thank you so much for the wonderful workshop, it was a really positive experience for me. I slept like a log both evenings and was up with the larks practising yoga this morning. It's really great to have consolidated a routine and to have the booklet as a paper guide afterwards. The workshop was differentiated to suit a variety of abilities and was a good balance between practical and theory, with a large dollop of humour. It was evident that everybody was enjoying it and the time really did fly"

"An engaging and inspiring workshop. Having practiced ashtanga yoga with Chris in the studio for the last 9 months, I was amazed at how much deeper this made me go into the practice. It was particularly interesting to go deeper into the bandhas, which completely changed the feel and focus on the breath during my practice. It was also great to learn more deeply about how to develop your practice and engage with fellow students on the course in what really feels like a group learning experience. I left the course with a greater enthusiasm for the practice and a renewed desire to go deeper into the yoga journey"

"Thank you for sharing your knowledge and energy with me over the weekend, your love and passion for yoga shone through"

"Thank you so much for this weekend, it was wonderful and you are such a great teacher. The atmosphere in the studio was just right - calm and serious but light-hearted, perfect for having fun but also working hard and learning a lot. It was a really well-balanced weekend and has left me feeling a lot more balanced in my life as well. It was exactly what I needed to develop my home practice and give me the confidence needed to start coming to the mysore classes"

"This workshop was amazing! My wife and I attended to the workshop last weekend not sure what to expect, as we knew NOTHING about yoga. Chris is a very inspirational and funny teacher. It is obvious that this man loves what he does! I would recommend this workshop to everyone who want to learn how to cultivate and develop his mental toughness, physical strength and wisdom."

"Absolutely loved the Beginners Intensive 2 day workshop. A gorgeous setting, friendly people, and a great teacher (thanks Chris!). I came away with some great tips for establishing home practice, as well as understanding that yoga isn't just about fancy poses. I would not hesitate to recommend this workshop to anyone just getting started or who wants to know a little more about Ashtanga.."

"I was looking for a yoga workshop that would take me back to basics, get me breathing properly, teach me the most important fundamentals of Ashtanga yoga and give me something to take home and start practising... Chris's beginners weekend delivered all I had hoped for and more! So many wonderful pearls of wisdom and insights into the truth of what it is to experience authentic yoga, all delivered in a clear, simple and fun manner. My yoga practice feels completely transformed and I'm already experiencing huge benefits after only a few days of my reformed home practice! Chris is an expert in his field and an inspiring teacher."

"Thank you so much for a terrific weekend's course: welcoming, clear, informative and fun. I learned a lot and it left me feeling energised and 'light'. Whether I can remember it is quite another matter… tried this morning and seemed to have complete blank out of some of the things we did. I'm sure I was concentrating!"

"I travelled a fair distance to attend this workshop & it was a journey well worth taking. Chris is an open & inspirational teacher who made me feel at ease the moment I arrived. Chris brought the entire workshop to life, through theory, fundamentals & asana. Its a weekend I won't forget; I've been reunited with my mat & my passion has been awakened & is alive. Thank you"

"Just wanted to write to thank you for a wonderful couple of days. I specially enjoyed how you introduced profound concepts with humour and lightheartedness. I recently read Patanjali's sutras and just finished the Bhagavad Gita. Some of your analogies have helped me in my understanding. Our paths may cross again"

"It was an absolutely wonderful weekend. Not only do I feel mentally more together than I have for ages, it also seems to have largely sorted out my niggling knee problem - bonus! At this stage who knows if this is a short term love affair or something more permanent but I'll take it a day at a time and see. Your explanations of the how's and why's of yoga made more sense to me than any other teacher I've previously tried and, consequently, I could finally understand the purpose behind everything I was being asked to do. This, in turn, took away any anxiety about what I could and couldn't do and any competitive urge to 'be the best at yoga"

"Thank you very much for such a fantastic weekend and congratulations on your new studio opening! I've learnt a great deal from your workshop recognising there is meditation during the asanas, the importance of breathing and bandhas and the points on safety when transitioning into the poses. You kept it on a friendly level making profound topics understandable by the laymen and also added the humour to make it enjoyable and open for everyone. I didnt fully comprehend Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga before attending and how it combines the 8 limbs, but after your answers and patience to my many questions I can see and appreciate this form of yoga beyond the cosmetic effects of staying fit and detox sweating. Thanks again!"

"I would like to express my deep gratitude for inspiring and giving me motivation to deepen my ashtanga vinyasa yoga practice. I enjoyed the workshop and am actually hoping to be able to take it much more seriously than before because of the inspiration and the feeling of want to experience and learn more of the practice not just the poses but the way of life in yoga. How I wish I just live an hour away from exeter so I can actually be one of your constant students.Thanks for the support. Namaste"

"Just wanted to say thanks so much for the workshop last weekend, getting some one on one tips and talking it through with a smaller group really helped with my progression into yoga. I usually attend a led mixed ability vinyasa class, which is great considering the lack of yoga around my area, but attending your workshop and starting afresh allowed me see where I have been going wrong - not having a teacher correct me has got me into some bad habits!"

"I'm so glad I decided to come along to the Beginners Intensive – it was good to share the learning, pick up on other peoples' thoughts and questions and fun to practice in a group. I enjoyed your teaching style, and the structure of the days, including the 'theory', which has now begun to stir my interest more. I think initially I came at Ashtanga from a physical and pretty uninformed perspective. I'm gradually acknowledging something much more holistic and profound and, happily, this is now translating into a firm commitment to practice. I came to you after the travails and frustrations of a year hijacked by a duff knee and I was keen to find a way of protecting myself from futher injury and maintaining some degree of flexibility in the face of anno domini! I appreciate that I've left it a wee bit late but I'm full of optimism – maybe the serene and very bendy old lady image is attainable!"

"Just wanted to say thank you for the weekend beginners course which I found both informative and fun. It is a bit embarrassing to find, that my response to the question, what brought you yoga? Was "I want to be able to put my socks on in the morning whilst standing" is not actually the reason why yoga has evolved over the past four thousand years! Luckily I am now beginning to understand that there is so much more (and more pain) than I could have possibly imagined. The strange thing is I went back to work after the two day course feeling like I had been on a two week holiday! Not sure how that works but it has me wanting more! So I guess the course worked!"

"Thank you both - I really do feel inspired and confident to now commit to Yoga and the course really has come at the right time to support me and that commitment. I am truly grateful for the knowledge and wisdom that you shared and your energy and enthusiasm. I loved how you broke down everything so simply and clearly - even your teaching on living presence!! It's a wonderful gift you both have, enjoy your giving"

"It was a fab weekend and I'm already compiling a list of people that I could recommend it to. I plan to invest in a decent yoga mat now and to carve out some "me" time in my busy schedule because if I can recapture the calm, stress free me who also slept REALLY well last night then I know my 4 kids will consider Mum's "me" time to be time well invested!"

"Thank you for a most memorable and enlightening beginners yoga weekend. I can truly say that I have not felt so relaxed and well for some considerable time. It is only three days later and I already miss the group and the guided instruction"

"The balance of theory and practice was perfect for a beginner like myself and has given me ongoing food for thought. What was particularly enjoyable though was the positive energy we shared in the group over the two days. My ever increasing bouncy-ness has been commented on by friends and family, which I attribute in no small part to the experiences of the weekend!"

"I had not fully recognizing just how much was transmitted during this non-stop learning experience until I attended a led Ashtanga session in a London studio last week and began to appreciate how deep this workshop was. First and foremost was a consciousness of the breathing and an awareness of the bandhas as I flowed through the Asanas. Next, I recalled how you had described the therapeutic nature of the Primary Series of Ashtanga. The idea helped me to soften, deepen and lighten the postures. It also tended to unifiy my body and mind on the mat. I also recognized how selective you had been in the choice of the asanas covered over the 2 days. You had chosen asanas that were the most appropriate for our early development; avoiding injury and developing the core flexibility and power. After this session I found myself refering back to the Beginners Manual from the workshop. It is really an excellent document and will serve as a useful reference for many years"

"Thank you for an inspirational weekend which provided food for mind and body. I am sure you have hear of Lao Tzu 'A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step'. I fell I have taken my first step!! Many thanks for your energy and enthusiasm"

"Thank you for a truly inspiring weekend workshop I really gained a lot from it, and some things which I thought I understood and clearly didn't have started to slot in to place this weekend on all sorts of levels. Thank you so much to you both"

"Your love and enthusiasm for yoga comes across in bucket loads. You've inspired me to do my first self practice, how fabulous - It has taken 20 years of teacher led yoga (which I won't stop doing) for me to manage self practice. Thanks for the inspiration"

"Thank you! I really enjoyed the workshop this weekend - my head is brimming with all the physical, theoretical and spiritual things I have learned. Ashtanga is the yoga for me and I feel enthused to begin the journey. Thank goodness too that you injected a liberal dose of humour to the sessions - it made the experience more human and fun!"

"Thank you so much Chris, you are truely a fantastic teacher! i have learnt so much, so sorry again for all the questions! The manual is fantastic thank you!!"

"As a novice to yoga I was expecting to learn about breathing and postures with the goal of 'getting fit' really and yes I was bent & stretched upside down and back to front on the course but I had no idea how much more there is to Ashtanga yoga - the spiritual side, health benefits, chanting, meditation... This comprehensive course taught me so much more than I expected and filled me with enthusiasm to keep practising. Since the course I've practised each morning and plan on this being part of my weekday routine"

"Thanks for a great weekend! I came to the workshop because I was really stressed out, and was starting to get all sorts of stress-related problems both mentally and physically. The workshop has made me much more aware of how the stresses of everyday life impact upon the body. I feel like a massive weight has been lifted off my shoulders already! I am curious to learn more and can't wait to get myself a mat and start practicing"

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