3-Day Enneagram Foundation Course


October 13-15, 2017

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A 3-Day Journey of Self-Discovery, Insight & Profound Positive Change

This pioneering three day course offers a deep exploration into the ancient wisdom of The Enneagram - the map of consciousness that underpins all aspects of your life.

The Enneagram illuminates the 9 Ways of Being, and gives deep insight into these nine fundamentally different Personality Types, each with their own way of seeing the world, their own attitudes and ways of thinking, reacting and behaving.

Working with The Enneagram will change your life forever. After the course human behaviour, personal interactions and relationship dynamics will no longer be a mystery. You will experience a tangible increase in self-awareness, a renewed enthusiasm for life and profound clarity and focus in whatever you pursue.

During this life-changing course you will:

  • Discover your Enneagram personality type and unravel all that is difficult to understand within yourself and within other people.
  • Breakthrough major limiting beliefs that have prevented you from reaching your potential
  • Get profound insight into self-defeating patterns that prevent your true happiness and peace... and begin to find new ways of being you!
  • Achieve unparalleled insight into other people & uncover what causes your relationships to flourish or flounder.
  • Unlock your true life purpose and achieve lasting personal fulfilment.
  • Master all difficult or painful interactions with others both past and present
  • Embrace the natural positive gifts of your personality type. These gifts are the foundation of your potential in this life and it is through these gifts that your true self is able to shine.

"Thank you. What you are both doing is the answer.
Thank you for teaching us all"
~ Sarah ~

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What is the Enneagram?

The Enneagram illuminates all aspects of human behaviour providing unparalleled insight into ourselves and others. It reveals the genuine simplicity of life by unravelling the apparent complexities of human beings behaviour. By describing 9 fundamental ways of being, each with their positive and negative traits, the patterns of our lives and relationships finally make sense.

These 9 Ways of Being give rise to 9 different personality types, each with their own patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving. Each of us is one of these 9 types (yes, I know you thought you were unique!). Each type perceives their world, and those in it, differently, and has a different unconscious need that drives both their outward expressions of behaviour and their internal thoughts and emotions.

The Enneagram Symbol - which is a living breathing expression of consciousness - provides the map upon which these seemingly complex patterns are expressed in a form that is easy to understand.

Over three life-changing days you will learn, in depth, about all 9 ways of being, including:

  • their deep, unconscious needs, drives and fears (i.e. what makes them tick!)
  • their predictable patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving (and that predictability means your life experiences and relationships finally make sense!)
  • what their unique positive gifts are (yes, we all have them!)
  • what each type finds most difficult (these are the life challenges that force us to grow)
  • how each type interacts with their world (& the humans in it!)
  • how each type uses their energy (psychologists label you as introverted or extraverted - the Enneagram does a great deal better!)

"I've been to a good few workshops, but they all pale in comparison. Thank you so much for working so hard on our behalf and giving us such a huge amount of knowledge"
~ Julie ~

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Is AWAKENING for me?

If you are a curious individual looking for a deeper understanding of yourself and the patterns that govern your life then this groundbreaking course provides unparalleled insight into ‘what makes us tick’.

If you seek answers to questions such as: Who am I? Why am I like this? Why am I here? AWAKENING provides answers.

If you want to feel more content and complete...If you want to be more confident and empowered, and embrace your full potential... AWAKENING is for you.

If you want freedom from repeating negative patterns, and to experience ease within relationships... AWAKENING facilitates new beginnings.

After these 3 days life will be different and you will wonder how you ever lived without the Enneagram.

In addition, expect to:

  • Attract and maintain healthy fulfilling relationships
  • Experience clarity and harmony within all interactions
  • Have greater self-acceptance and confidence
  • Feel lighter, more peaceful and self-empowered

"How I survived the world without the Enneagram I will never know! My life is now so much richer, my relationships seem simpler and I can literally feel myself reaching out to experience the fullness of life"
~ Michael ~

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Yoga & The Enneagram

For yoga students - or indeed anyone committed to a more conscious and awakened life - The Enneagram provides real answers to deep questions about ourselves and others, creating a lasting context for Hatha Yoga and shifting challenging mental states encountered both on and off our yoga mat.

Combining a regular yoga practice and the wisdom of The Enneagram, creates a powerful alchemy that will transform your physical, emotional and psychological well-being.

By opening your eyes to your unconscious patterns, the Enneagram frees you to make huge positive steps forward and, through renewed insight and clarity of focus, your yoga practice is driven deeper and deeper.

As a yoga practitioner or teacher you will:

  • Experience a renewed perspective on life by discovering & understanding your true self
  • Transcend negative patterns, uncover your unique gifts and fulfill your true potential
  • Discover why you are the way you are and learn profound spiritual truths about your true nature
  • Gain unparalleled understanding of others and bring ease to challenging relationships
  • Learn practical tools to shift stressful mental states, increasing inner wellbeing and happiness
  • Experience profound self-acceptance and clarity of purpose, and find lasting personal fulfilment.

"I have been a yoga teacher for 15 years and have attended numerous training courses. Never before have I experienced anything like this. As well as advancing my understanding and ability to relate to my students, I have moved forward to become a happier, more well-rounded human being"
~ Barbara ~

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Your Teachers

Veronica Croft and Chris Croft (mother and son duo!), are authors of the pioneering book "The Enneagram: Pathways to Happiness" and founders of Enneagram Pathways. They have been leading Enneagram courses and trainings, from their centre in rural Devon UK, for over 10 years.

Their ground-breaking work follows the original teachings of the Enneagram as taught in ancient civilizations and is uninfluenced by modern-day interpretation.


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The Exeter Yoga Workshop
King St Business Centre, 7-9 King St, Exeter, EX1 1BQ


[11:00 - 13:30] - Awakening Course
[13:30 - 14:30] - Lunch Break
[14:30 - 17:00] - Awakening Course

[11:00 - 14:00] - Awakening Course
[14:00 - 15:00] - Lunch Break
[15:00 - 18:00] - Awakening Course

[10:00 - 13:00] - Awakening Course
[13:00 - 14:00] - Lunch Break
[14:00 - 17:00] - Awakening Course

Early Bird Special £249*

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The Enneagram: Pathways to Happiness
An Extraordinary Guide to Realigning Your Life & Becoming Your Best Self

The Enneagram: Pathways to Happiness

by Veronica Croft & Chris Croft

The Enneagram is the universal map of consciousness that underpins all facets of our personality and affects all aspects of our lives whether we know of it or not. By describing nine fundamental ways of being, The Enneagram unravels our complex emotional and behavioural patterns and provides the deepest insights available to finally answer the question - why am I like this?

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