Yoga Nidra with Chanting
Transcend the mind and go deep into the heart. 1-day CPD yoga training with Fiona Sundari Law

Are you looking to go deeper with yoga?

In this one-day workshop:

  • experience deep relaxation and explore the benefits of yoga nidra
  • feel into the path of bhakti yoga with chanting

The practices of both yoga nidra and bhakti (devotion) exhibit the yoga paradox: both deeply embodied but allowing us to go far beyond the body. This day will allow you to transcend the mind and go deep into the heart. The day also includes gentle yoga movements and pranayama to free the flow of prana (vital energy). Accessible to all with basic fitness and an open mind.
The day is also suitable for teachers as continuing professional development.

By the end of the day you will:

  • Know about the stages of nidra and their rationale in terms of neurophysiology and yoga philosophy
  • Have experienced two nidras and reflected on what nidra can do for you
  • Have formulated to a greater or lesser degree a personal sankalpa
  • Understand how singing, and specifically Sanskrit chanting, benefits body and mind
  • Have tuned into the major deities and the energies they represent through kirtan practice
  • Have worked with key mantras to raise the vibration

Suitable for all levels



Fiona is keen to make yoga available to all so bursaries are available for those on benefit or low income. Please contact to discuss


May 20, 2017


The Ashtanga Yoga Workshop
King St Business Centre, 7-9 King St, Exeter, EX1 1BQ


[11:00 - 17:30] - Yoga Nidra with Chanting

We will have a one-hour lunch break at 13.30: please bring lunch or many cafes nearby. Wear loose, comfortable layered clothing and bring warm socks. You may like to bring your own blanket.


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About Fiona

Fiona Sundari Law is an experienced teacher and student in the Sivananda tradition, a school of integral yoga including the four paths of yoga – Raja, Bhakti, Jnana and Karma. A trained facilitator of Yoga Nidra, a more tantric practice, she has enormously benefited from the state of nidra to affirm and realise her vision for Viveka Gardens Yoga Farm. VGYF landed in Mid Devon in December with classes, workshops and retreats.

Fiona Sundari Law is a registered Senior Teacher with Yoga Alliance Professionals.

Some nice comments from recent workshops

Yoga Nidra

Deeply nourishing workshop. Fiona holds a lovely safe space and executes it impeccably and in a very personable way. GF

A deeply penetrating experience into relaxation and mind consciousness. An experience I will want to repeat many times. LG

I was feeling very disconnected from myself. Today I feel so much more grounded and reconnected with the universe. I love that we all felt like a little family and the energy built up was truly empowering. Cannot say thank you enough. DH

A wonderful practice, and very well-timed for me. It’s had a significantly profound effect on me at a point in my life where I’m leaving my career and moving forward into new things. Angela, Tavistock

Just what I needed to rebirth, go inward and rest. The body and mind just wanted to feel contentment, without attaching anything to outcome. I got just this. PW-P
Yesterday was a truly wonderful experience. I feel an amazing sense of clarity today. I also slept for 13 hours solidly… Thank you so much. LC


I loved participating in the Chanting workshop! the content felt full and rich. I enjoyed the fun warm up exercises to begin with which I didn’t know about. I feel Sundari shared a wealth of knowledge with us and held space with heart for us to practice chanting and explore the topic together. There were opportunities for practising leading a chant and playing the harmonium – yey! I felt excited and safe enough to have a go under Sundari’s guidance and with the support of the group also. All in all it was a really positive experience and I feel encouraged and inspired to build on it. I have a new respect and appreciation for all the teachers out there that make leading chants look so easy. And – great handouts! I feel blessed, thank you. Teresa 
Sundari is a great yoga teacher and she also offers some really fantastic workshops. Today I went to the chanting workshop & there was so much great information & practical application. It was ideal for someone new to chanting, or to those who have been chanting for years. I love the way that she asks you what you are looking for from the workshop and incorporates that too. We even got to have a go at playing her harmonium ourselves. Camilla