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Baby Yoga Classes

Yoga Babies Classes (0-12 months) in Exeter, w/ Nikkie Huddart

What is Baby Yoga?

Baby Yoga is a specially devised series of stretches and movements for babies, gentle yoga for parents and shared yoga poses to calm and energise.

There is an emphasis on yoga postures that open up areas of the body that can be tight after holding, carrying and nursing babies. Babies enjoy poses that aid their development and digestion, with plenty of rhymes and songs.

Sessions end with relaxation for both babies and their grown ups.

What are the benefits?

  • Massaging poses and stretches help with digestion for babies
  • Helps ease the pain of gas and mild colic
  • Encourages babies to sleep more restfully
  • Enhances natural flexibility and development
  • Nurtures close bonding between parent and baby
  • Teaches relaxation techniques for adults and babies

Advanced Booking Required.

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