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Hatha Yoga Classes in Exeter

Hatha Yoga is the style of yoga practiced widely throughout the western world. In this style of yoga the body is used as a tool to steady and calm the busyness of the mind. The body is guided and manipulated carefully through the mindful practice of specific yoga asana (yoga postures), which ultimately render the body strong, flexible and vibrant. Although Hatha yoga is often considered a discreet style of yoga, in truth it is an umbrella term that encompasses and integrates almost all forms of physical yoga practice you will encounter.

Yoga postures are taught with the integration of pranayama breathing techniques whilst holding poses for longer periods of time with intention and relaxation. Normally these classes are slower moving than other forms of more dynamic yoga practice (such as Vinyasa Yoga or Ashtanga Yoga), but it can be equally as challenging to move slowly and it is very useful to gain insight into the true nature of your mind. 

The primary focus will be to encourage the immediate connection of breath flow to body movements (yoga asana).  Led through a series of sustainable postures, guided sequences and intentional breathing (pranayama) students will be mindfully directed towards maintaining total breath to body awareness, whilst remaining true to self.

These classes will provide an ideal platform for those wishing to explore the yogic relationship between body & breath that provides us with such an expanse of physical, mental, emotional & spiritual benefits.   

Suitable for all levels of yoga experience, including beginners.

Hatha Yoga Classes 

In-Person Course

Intro to Yoga:
8wk Beginners Course

Our signature Hatha Yoga beginners course. Specifically designed for complete beginners and yoga newbies!