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Meditation-based Yoga Classes in Exeter

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This meditation-based yoga class focuses on achieving deep relaxation and focused attention through meditation. Relaxation and meditation are given more time and space than in a normal hatha yoga class, so that students can explore this part of their yoga practice in an accessible and interactive way.

Open to everyone

Yoga Postures

Classes will begin with a vinyasa-style flow, which will be appropriate for all levels. Modifications will be given so that people can practise at their own ability. In starting the class this way, the aim is to wake up our bodies and to connect the body with breath and movement. Also, once the body is stretched and open, it’s happier to let go of tension in deep relaxation.


Relaxation follows, which will incorporate a range of techniques to stimulate your body’s natural relaxation response. True relaxation is something that is practised and cultivated. We’ll explore progressive muscle release, body scanning, autogenic training and relaxed breathing, so that individual students can discover which techniques work best for them.

After working with the physical body in the asanas (postures) and surveying the body in relaxation, we will begin the process of turning inward, focusing on breathing practices and meditation.


Meditation is often put into the three broad categories of concentration, mindfulness, and contemplation, and is fundamentally about training your mind to be fully awake in the present, as your mind determines the quality of your life. Meditation is about learning to see what is just as it is, and freeing yourself from reactive conditioning. A regular meditation practice can really transform the way you experience and approach life. Again, we’ll explore different techniques and there will be a chance for students to discuss experience, if they choose to, in an informal way at the end of the class.

These classes are appropriate for students of all levels of flexibility and fitness. They are designed for those who are exploring meditation and those who already have a regular practice.

Meditation & Yoga Classes