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Ashtanga Yoga
for Beginners (4wk)

4-week Introductory Course, with Senior Yoga Teacher, Chris Croft

Curious About Learning Ashtanga Yoga?

‘Ashtanga Yoga for Beginners‘ is a meticulously designed 4-week course that introduces you to the foundational poses of the Ashtanga Yoga Primary Series, one pose at a time. This course provides the essential support needed to cultivate a sustainable Ashtanga Yoga practice, both at home and in the studio.

Perfect for those new to yoga, returning practitioners, or seasoned yogis looking to deepen their practice, this course offers an in-depth exploration of Ashtanga fundamentals. Over four weeks, a combination of guided instruction and self-practice will help you develop your practice at a comfortable pace.

About Ashtanga Yoga

Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga (known also as ‘Ashtanga Yoga‘) is a dynamic form of Hatha Yoga, characterised by its focus on vinyasa (synchronised breath and movement), that creates a constant flow between the more static, traditional yoga postures. It is a dynamic system that emphasises the connection between breath and movement through a series of postures specifically designed to balance strength and flexibility, whilst simultaneously focusing and calming the mind. In the Ashtanga Yoga method, asanas (postures) are performed in a specific order, which has the effect of ‘unlocking’ the body in an intelligent and scientific way, each pose preparing the body for ones to come. There are 6 series of postures – Primary Series, Intermediate Series and Advanced A, B, C and D. Each Ashtanga student begins by practicing the Primary Series (known as ‘yoga chikitsa’, which means yoga therapy)progressing through its set sequence of asanas (poses) one-by-one under the guidance of an experienced teacher.

What You Will Learn:

  • Foundation Poses of the Primary Series: Gain a thorough understanding of the essential postures, taught one-by-one in a traditional manner.
  • Breath and Movement Synchronisation: Master the art of synchronising breath with movement (vinyasa) to create a flowing, dynamic practice.
  • Personalised Practice: Develop a practice tailored to your age, health, fitness, concentration level, and physical ability.
  • Building Confidence: Transition into more advanced classes with confidence, having established a strong foundation and understanding of Ashtanga Yoga principles.
  • Home Practice Support: Receive weekly email ‘homework’ and additional reading material to reinforce your learning and support your home practice.

You will also be encouraged to practice what you have learned at home, between each weekly class. This proven method of teaching and learning leads to long-term success and a sustainable yoga practice.

Ideal for complete beginners

Yoga Equipment

Please bring your own yoga mat. Yoga mats are available to buy from the studio reception. Owning your own yoga mat will help you build confidence and make progress in between classes at the studio and after the course has finished.

Any other yoga props required during class (eg straps, blocks, blankets or bolsters) will be provided by the studio.

*Yoga Mat SPECIAL OFFER: The product included in this offer is a OEKO-TEX beginners yoga mat (rrp £38). Please collect your yoga mat from studio reception when you arrive for your first class. Choice of colour will be limited to the availability of stock at the time of the course.


Exeter Yoga Workshop
King St Business Centre, 7-9 King St, Exeter, EX1 1BQ

"Fantastic yoga experience for me as a rusty practitioner starting again and my partner who was totally new to yoga. Chris was absolutely brilliant, professional and expert but down to earth and funny as well. Highly highly recommend to all"
"I had been thinking of trying yoga for years but was too shy / nervous / embarrassed about my complete lack of stretchiness. I took the plunge with the Complete Beginners course and it has been excellent. Chris is a wonderful yoga teacher and he has obviously put a lot of time and thought into creating a course that teaches beginners some basic (but challenging!) yoga in a non-intimidating and structured way. Time passes quickly in his lessons and I always leave feeling much better than when I started. Chris can also be very funny -who knew that smiling takes any yoga pose from ‘Beginner’ to ‘Advanced’"
"I was really nervous going to my first ever yoga class, didn't really know what to expect and was worried I will look silly as a complete beginner and other people would look at me, but it's been the best 8 days out of my life in the last 8 weeks! Wednesdays have become my favourite day of the week and I can't wait to get in and just switch off from everything else. It's been truly transformative experience. Yoga teacher, Chris is absolutely amazing, explains everything in great detail, helps adjust Your body when it's needed, really patient, supportive, grounded and with great sense of humour. Yoga studio is beautiful and has this sense of calm and safety about it. Great people. I loved every minute, even though it's been painful at times. I highly recommend, and if You are thinking about it and want to do something good for yourself, then do this. It definitely made the difference in my life and if you allow it, it will make a difference in Your life too"
"Just completed a beginner's course at the Exeter Yoga Workshop. The studio is clean, welcoming and a great size i.e. not so big to be impersonal, not so small to be overly intimate. Chris is a great teacher; patient, knowledgeable and good humoured. Highly recommend to anyone wanting to explore hatha yoga in a comfortable, supportive way in a lovely space"
"I just wanted to express how much I’m enjoying your classes and learning Yoga. You create a really warm and welcoming environment, as well as a very fun and challenging one too. Yoga has really made a positive impact and I’m really looking forward to continuing the journey"
"I started this course as a complete beginner and the level has been just right. The sessions are definitely challenging, but delivered in a fun and accessible way. I have already signed up for more!"
Aug 7 - 28, 2024
9 Spaces Left

Perfect for beginners and students with less than a year’s yoga practice.

£50 = Course Only
£80 = Course + Yoga Mat (SAVE £8)*

Wednesday, 19.30-20.45
Aug 7 – 28
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