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Membership Special Offer

Unlimited PREMIUM Memberships ~ SAVE 50%* ~ Limited Offer

Yes, I want 50% OFF* Unlimited PREMIUM Membership

New to the Studio?

Our 50% OFF Unlimited Membership introductory offer allows you to enjoy unlimited in-person yoga classes for £1-a-day.

We invite you to make a new commitment that will support a new way of living your life. By actively investing in your physical, emotion and mental health you are promising to take better care of your body and mind and live consciously every day.

Genuine personal improvement only becomes established through a sustained and regular commitment to practice. With regular practice, combined with high-quality education, expert professional guidance and a supportive community, positive change is not just possible its inevitable!

Yes, I want 50% OFF* Unlimited PREMIUM Membership

Getting Started

If you’re new to yoga or the Exeter Yoga Workshop our 50% OFF* Unlimited Membership SPECIAL OFFER is the perfect opportunity to try our 25+ weekly classes and explore the variety of class styles.

How it Works

For a limited time only, when you sign up for a PREMIUM Unlimited Monthly Membership for the first time, you will receive 50% OFF your 1st month membership.

That’s a whole month of unlimited yoga for £1-a-day!

You don’t have to come every day, but obviously the more you come the more value you get from the offer. We recommend 2 or 3 classes a week to get your new habit started and experience the health and wellbeing benefits of a regular yoga practice.

We hope that after a month of regular yoga practice you will be feeling the benefits and want to continue with your health new habit. So, after you finish your HALF PRICE 1st month as an Unlimited PREMIUM member your monthly membership will automatically renew (at £68pm) until you cancel it.

All of our monthly membership contracts can be cancelled with 30-days written cancellation notice, which you can give at any time.

The Fine Print: This is limited offer. To be eligible to receive this offer you must not have held an unlimited monthly membership at Exeter Yoga Workshop in the last 12-months. This offer is limited to the first month of Unlimited PREMIUM membership only. Monthly memberships will automatically renew (@£68pm) until cancelled. 30-days written cancellation notice can be given at any time. ‘Unlimited’ yoga classes is reasonably defined as one (1) class each day and excludes, yoga babies classes, prenatal yoga, yoga courses and yoga workshops. Membership begins from the date of purchase. No credits, extensions or transfers will be offered at any time. This offer cannot be used with any other promotional offer.

Which class should I start with?

If you’re a complete beginners (never before stepped on a yoga mat!) don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. We recommend Level 1 classes for newbies. These classes will introduce yoga concepts in accessible ways and have plenty of space to offer modifications for new students no matter what age, fitness or flexibility.

If you’ve been doing yoga for a while you might want to consider our level 2 or level 3 classes, although you will always learn something new in a level 1 class, they’re not just for beginners!

What do I wear?

We practice yoga barefoot. Ideally you should wear clothing that is comfortable and allows a full range of motion. Our purpose built studio is equipped with state-of-the-art Infrared heating panels. Unlike traditional convectional heating systems, which rely on heating and circulating the air around you, infrared panels emit infrared heat that warm you from the inside out. Put simply this means our amazing heaters will help to ease your stiff body and aching joints during your yoga class with us. However, during the winter our bamboo floor can be cool to the touch, so you may wish to bring a layer to cover your arms during relaxation.

Do I need a yoga mat?

Yes, you will need a yoga mat. We are not currently offering studio mat hire, but if you don’t have a mat you can purchase one in the Exeter Yoga Workshop studio reception. All other yoga equipment is provided, although you may wish to bring your own.

You may wish to bring a water bottle, although you will be encouraged to only drink before or after the class (i.e. not during the class).

Booking Your Class

With limited capacity in the studio – due to COVID-19 restrictions – Booking is Essential. If you do not book your classes in advance you many be turned away when you arrive.

Booking your class in advance will make your pre-class experience super smooth. There will be no need to remember to bring a payment method with you, and you will avoid any long registration queues at reception! Some classes are also very popular so pre-booking ensures you will never miss out on your favourite class.

Ensure you never miss out on your favourite class again by using the MindBody App on your phone or tablet and BOOK WITH ONE CLICK!

Alternatively you can BOOK YOUR CLASS on our studio timetable.