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Mysore Class Etiquette

A Guide to Mysore Style Ashtanga Yoga Classes at Exeter Yoga Workshop

Mysore classes are not 2-hr yoga classes. Most students do not need anymore than 90-minutes to complete their practice, and for beginners it is often 60-minutes. You may arrive at any time during the class. Please enter quietly, roll out your mat and begin your practice. You do not need to wait for the opening chant to begin your practice. If you arrive during the opening chant please be respectful and do not enter the studio or changing area until after it has finished.

The last permitted entry for the class will be 1-hour before the class is scheduled to end.

You do not need to stay until the scheduled end of the class. You can leave at any time up until the last 15-minutes when everyone will be in relaxation. Please leave as quietly as possible. We request that students finishing early plan to not disturb the last 15-minutes of class out of respect for their fellow students.

You may sweat during Ashtanga Yoga! Please consider bringing a hand towel to class to help the teacher with your adjustments. You may also want to invest in a ‘mat towel. or rug to go over your sticky mat – this will adsorb sweat and stop you slipping.

Yoga mats are available for hire (£1). Please consider buying your own yoga mat. There is plenty of space to store student yoga mats at the studio – there is no charge for this service.

Either set your mobile phone to a completely silent setting whilst in class. Refrain from eating at least 2 hours prior to and 30 minutes after your practice. Drink plenty of water after your practice.

Do not underestimate the effect of Ashtanga yoga. It is a very effective self-therapy for personal development – physically, mentally and spiritually. If you feel emotionally upset during or after a class (joy, sadness, anger etc.) then accept the feelings rather than resist them. You are welcome to speak to me about it after class if you wish to understand more.

Respect your limits. Acknowledge that your body and mind will feel different every day; listen to what your body tells you and practice in your own time following your own breath.

It is preferable to practice asanas (postures) in bare feet to avoid slipping on the mat. Socks can be worn during Shavasana (relaxation) if required.

Practice with care and consideration towards yourself and others. Please stay on your own mat and refrain from assisting other practitioners.

If you have a health issue (illness, injury or medical condition), please let the teacher know before class.

Finally, most classes finish with the gesture and saying of Namaste, a respectful greeting recognizing the equality of all and the sacredness of all.

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