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Our Mission Statement

We believe that yoga practice can be for everybody and every body

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Unlimited Classes (£29 for 2-weeks)
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Providing sharp relief to the busyness that surrounds us in our high-speed modern world, a place where nothing remains still and instant results are expected everyday, yoga and mindfulness practice has never been more relevant.

People are seeking deeper meaning in their lives and recognising the value of a routine that will keep the body healthy, calm the mind and provide space and time to reconnect to the inner self.

With over 25 years of combined experience, we know the value and benefit of an established yoga practice. We also know that maturity in practice isn’t measured by physical ability and requires more than flexibility.

At The Exeter Yoga Workshop we firmly believe that yoga practice can be for everybody and every body and that a focused, committed and sustained practice is genuinely transformative, but only when the student has access to expert professional support in a nurturing and safe environment. Only through a regular practice, sustained over an extended period of time can we cultivate a genuinely mindful state of being and the inner resources to traverse the contours of life with ease and stability.

Each of us starts yoga with physical, emotional and mental barriers to practice. It is our mission to honour and embrace each student’s search for personal development, well being and fulfilment by meeting students where they are, and help them move forwards to where and who they want to be.

Our commitment to each student is to provide the space and tools for genuine personal transformation in a warm, quiet and nurturing modern space.
In return we student to enter into a yoga practice with an open-mind, a sincere interest in becoming a more rounded human being and enough patience to allow new seeds to take root and begin to grow.

Our ultimate goal as teachers is to increase the level of mindfulness in our society and to expand a growing community of people who are genuinely healthy, happy and contented in their daily lives.

Love ~ Compassion ~ Laughter ~ Respect

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