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Andy Howell

Yoga Teacher

andy howell

Andy completed his 280 hr Hatha Vinyasa Yoga training with Yoga Beyond at Exeter Yoga Workshop in 2021.

Andy’s interest in Yoga began about 20 years ago, he eventually committed himself to Hatha yoga and Ashtanga vinyasa. He now embraces all forms of Yoga. The transcendent qualities of stillness and equilibrium that he found in Yoga, inspired Andy to want share these practices by teaching others. He is deeply interested in Yoga philosophy, as well as physical forms of Yoga, pranayama and meditation.

A diverse range of interests and experiences inform Andy’s approach to Yoga. He became involved in various mystery traditions at a young age, and has continued to work within a range of esoteric traditions and shamanic practices, however, he cites his biggest influence as Ram Dass. Andy also spent 7 years training in the Wing Chun martial art system, and has practiced the Wim Hof techniques of cold immersion and breath-work for many years.

An eternal student, Andy is something of an explorer of idea’s and consciousness! His Master’s degree utilised shamanic practices and extensive research to explore the archetypes, deities, elementals and Fay folk of pre-Christian Britain. His ongoing research now links the Yogic traditions of the east with the Druidic traditions of ancient Britain.

Outside yoga, Andy has taught on Fine Art degree programmes for over 20 years, specialising in prosthetic make-up FX and creature design for film/tv. He is also an experienced editorial photographer and a care worker in his spare time.

Andy’s Classes