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Angela Trevallion

Yoga 4 Teens & Hatha Yoga Teacher

angela trevallion

Angela completed her 280 hr Hatha Vinyasa Yoga training with Yoga Beyond at Exeter Yoga Workshop in 2021 and is currently completing further CPD training in Yin and Restorative Yoga.

Angela has worked within education for the past 13 years, helping to support and develop young people’s social and emotional understanding of themselves and others. Brain development and the understanding of neuroscience are the foundations of her work, and though art and creativity she weaves in mindfulness, breathing techniques and yoga postures to support healthy, independent and confident students.

Angela leads the Yoga 4 Teens programme at Exeter Yoga Workshop, offering a tool kit for life when teenagers are feeling overwhelmed and anxious.

“I will always be a student and a teacher of the practice. I Feel deeply grateful for the vast knowledge and wisdom my teachers have shared with me. I am passionate about my yoga practice and acknowledge what the practice teaches me about myself on and off my yoga mat. Different pranayama techniques never fail to inspire me, unearthing powerful effects on our emotional and mental wellbeing. Our breathe anchors us into the present moment, where we can find peace and harmony in whatever life throws at us”

Let’s breath together!

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