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Emma Steventon

Yoga Teacher

marie burnell

Sport and exercise has always played a huge part in my life since a very early age.

Having competed at a high level in gymnastics throughout my childhood, health and wellbeing was always a huge passion of mine, and it wasn’t long before I discovered the joy of Yoga.

Having always nurtured my spiritual side, once I had discovered the holistic benefits to yoga, I was completely hooked to the Mat! The more I practiced and attended classes, the more I discovered just how beneficial yoga is, not just to my mental health but also my daily energy levels, sleeping patterns and overall happiness.

Having taught and coached gymnastics in London, I found the path to teaching yoga a very natural and visceral journey.

After building up my practice over a number of years in London, I then embarked on a solo trip around south east Asia, where I attended many yoga retreats, each and every session strengthening my passion and knowledge of this wonderful practice. Shortly after, I quit my job in London and travelled to India where I took my first Yoga training course in Ashtanga in 2017.

After a few years teaching in studios and corporate offices around London, I moved to Devon where I now teach.

I bring a fun approach to my teaching and try my best to always stay true to the very essence of yoga, so my students can explore their body and mind.

I am also a qualified pregnancy yoga teacher where I trained with Yoga London in 2019. I continue to explore my journey in Yoga and hope to help others along the way.

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