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Nikkie Huddart

Baby Yoga & Yoga Teacher

nikkie huddart

Nikkie is an experienced yoga teacher/yoga therapist. She has been practicing yoga for over 25 years, when she started hatha yoga to cope with IBS and stress. She has been teaching ever since qualifying in Integrated Yoga in 2005. She is further certified in prenatal and postnatal yoga. Her yoga babies classes, which she has been teaching since her own children were babies, twelve years ago, are based on the relationship between parent and baby, incorporating baby stretches, relaxation, as well as relaxed holding and carrying, inspired by Birthlight baby yoga and Una Dinsmore-Tuli’s teaching at Sitaram yoga.

Since completing the Yoga Bugs teacher training in 2006, Nikkie has taught toddler and children’s yoga in schools and nurseries across Devon. As a qualified secondary teacher and tutor, she is particularly passionate about working with young adults, to relieve stress and address anxiety-related issues and to encourage a healthy relationship with themselves. She currently teaches yoga and mindfulness to students and staff at Exeter College. Through her work with both parents of young children and young adults, Nikkie has developed an interest in insomnia and sleep therapy and will be completing training in this area at the end of 2018.

Nikkie’s first introduction to Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga was an intensive John Scott workshop in 2001, with a three month old baby. Since then, she has practised mainly Ashtanga yoga daily, though she also enjoys vinyasa and restorative yoga. She has a regular meditation practice, and has qualified with the Saraswati Yoga Studios to teach meditation and mindfulness. She is currently undertaking more training in mindfulness meditation with YogaCampus. She values the deep transformative effect of meditation and its ability to create steadiness in the face of life’s challenges.

Nikkie’s teaching is creative and playful, focusing on the relationship between teacher and student to come to an understanding of each student’s needs. Having been teaching a long time, she feels that the most important aspect of her teaching is in ensuring that she always remains a student, receptive to learning.

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