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Unfolding Ashtanga Yoga

4-Day Primary Series Immersion, w/ Chris Croft (SYT)

Explore the Deep Internal Methodology of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Primary Series

Join Chris for a deep, insightful and fun exploration of the Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Primary Series. Over four intensive days we will unravel the philosophy, deeper internal methodology and key postural themes of what Sri K. Pattabhi Jois called ‘Patanjali’s Yoga‘.

Over the course of the immersion we will explore, dissect and carefully reassemble the physical, physiological and emotional components of practice, exposing the profound intelligence and subtle therapeutic workings of the Primary Series.

Beginning with the traditional Ashtanga Yoga framework we will strip away dogmatic and uncompromising ideals and establish a new paradigm for Ashtanga Yoga practice. By opening up our bodies and minds we will throw away the rulebook and establish a new and inclusive practical methodology that embodies the essence of this beautiful practice.

Morning classes will be a led pose-by-pose exploration with detailed technical instruction, allowing time to master safe technique and explore key dynamic alignment principles. Our focus will be on unfolding the Primary Series in such a way that insightful physical, mental and energetic patterns will emerge from within the structure of our existing movement practice. We will explore the underlying anatomical themes of Primary Series and find the most intelligent way to work towards the more challenging aspects of the series.

Afternoon classes will begin with a short period of sitting and continue with a talk on yoga philosophy to provide solid context to the practice technique. There may also be time for group discussion, partner work and study of a yoga text. To end the afternoon we will then take a specific aspect of Primary Series and explore it in an open workshop environment.


This immersion is open to all yoga practitioners and teachers. Some prior experience of Ashtanga Yoga is optimal, but not essential. It is NOT necessary for you to be practicing full primary series. All that is required is an open mind, a sense of humour and willingness to have your paradigms challenged!


Exeter Yoga Workshop
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"Chris, thank you so much. The course was amazing. I have done loads of workshops and courses over the years. Yours is one of the best I have done. You are such a good teacher, massively intellectual and very funny. Your delivery on yoga philosophy was just brilliant, you made it really interesting. Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful practice and incredible teaching. I hope to see you again, I am definitely up for more"
"The workshop was great. From the selection of contents - which were exactly as described - to the delivery in a fun, easy to follow, engaging, genuine, professional and structured way. It was perfectly balanced between theory and practice and suitable for every level and personality. I would definitely be a regular at the Ashtanga Workshop if I lived closer and will be back for more workshops as soon as I get the chance"
"Thank you for an amazing 4 days on the Primary Series Immersion. I have learned so much that I can bring to my practice and hopefully even my teaching. I booked unto this course because I recognised I had retreated so much into my comfort zone that I was hopelessly stuck. Your teaching really challenged my beliefs about myself and my body. I found this course physically demanding but it was exactly what I needed. Thanks again for such an inspirational and transformative course"
"This workshop helped me to understand the postures in a different light. It was particularly eye opening to understand the balance between the prana and apana postures as I had never been taught that certain postures required us to go on the "dark" side of things. The workshop gradually steped up in intensity during the 4 days so we could be eased in the more difficult part of the practice, but we were not pushed to 'perform' in any postures, which is really refreshing!"
"I thoroughly enjoyed the 4 days and just wish it could have been longer. Its a real treat to spend time with the practice... too often we find ourselves 'fitting it in' . Over the 4 days it was great to feel everything else was pivoting around the yoga. In no small way the course has re-orientated my practice... Allowing the yoga to find me, if that makes sense. What I particularly liked was the sense of space that you brought to the sessions. You offer such a wealth of knowledge but with a lightness of touch and a good dash of humour that helps to keep the yoga rooted. Amongst lots of gems I really liked what you said about eventually letting the technique go. I felt that the whole course was really well balanced, love the philosophy, chanting and mythology and your rich use of metaphors which help to deepen the experience and 'unlock doors'. I've come away with what feel like new lenses through which to consider and experience yoga. An invaluable 4 days for my teaching, self practice and sanity. Thank you."
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Open to all yoga practitioners & teachers. Some prior knowledge of the practice is ideal, but not essential.

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Unfolding Ashtanga Yoga: (20hr Primary Series Intensive)

Explore the deep internal methodology of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga with this special Primary Series Immersion, w/ Chris Croft

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