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FREE 90-minute Zoom Webinar

The Enneagram of Personality:

Decoding Human Behaviour, Unravelling Your Inner World & Transforming Your Relationships

Sunday June 2, 2024


Hosted by Chris Croft, director of Exeter Yoga Workshop, co-owner of YOGABEYOND and co-author of The Enneagram: Pathways To Happiness An Extraordinary Guide to Realigning Your Life & Becoming Your Best Self.

Self-Mastery is a conscious and committed path orientated towards self-understanding, personal responsibility and profound positive change. It is the ability to see, understand and transform the physical, mental and emotional habits that hold you back. This begins with a deep journey to unravel the unconsious conditioning of your inner world. But, to prevent you from getting lost you’ll need an accurate map…

The Enneagram is the most powerful map of human self-transformation available. Working with The Enneagram will awaken deep insight into the nature of all conscious life; providing real answers to deep questions about ourselves and others, and shifting challenging mental states encountered in all areas of life.

Join Chris for a FREE 90-minute Self-Mastery Webinar, where he will share:

  • what practicing Self-Mastery means, and…
  • why it will transform your life and all your relationships
  • why you have an Ego self (False Identity) and how to unlock it’s gifts
  • the real answer to the nature vs. nurture question of “why am I like THIS?”
  • how your unconscious conditioning distorts your self-image, causes you suffering and damages your relationships
  • what The Enneagram is and how it maps, with breath-taking accuracy, your unconscious inner world
  • what Self-Mastery looks like for each of the 9 Personality Types
  • the secret to find lasting personal fulfilment and completing your heroic mission
  • and more!!

Chris will also offer an overview of the content of the upcoming The Self-Mastery Intensive, which will run June 23-25, 2023.

Sunday June 2, 2024


Live Webinar, via Zoom

Sunday June 4, 2023
6-7.30pm (GMT+1)

Suitable for everyone.